475Lbs Man Lost 198Lbs In One Year, And The Difference Is Shocking

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One of the most common New Year’s resolutions has to do with weight-loss. It’s sad but true that most of us are not successful in trying to pursue this goal. However, this man’s transformation is so insane that it will make you go to the gym right now at the head of the year. After tuning in to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Assistant County and District Attorney for Ellis County Vance Hinds decided to begin a healthier life, and he reached terrific results in just one year.

Vance commenced the journey downward from a staggering 475 pounds. “Over my life, I’ve lost and gained hundreds, if not thousands of pounds,” he told Waxahachie Daily Light.

“Normally, periodically, I start these paths, and I lose weight for a while, exercising on my own. But with my wife, it’s just us two, and it’s easy to talk yourself out of it. You do pretty good for a few weeks and a month, and then you start slacking off, and then you quit. I’ve done that over and over and over again.”, he added.

This time, Vance began posting his progress on social media so that people would hold him accountable. Soon, people from Australia, Scotland and many other places started messaging him, saying Vance had been their motivation. One day, as he was going out from the gym, a muscular guy told Hinds that he has been watching his videos and told him to keep it up.


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