Mallya cries out about goverment’s crackdown on his properties

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These days, businessman and liquor baron turned fugitive Vijay Mallya is on a spree of making complaints and has been accusing the Indian officials of getting unfair with him.

On Friday, in a series of tweets, he claimed that his group’s properties worth over Rs 13,000 crore have been attacked which is more than the claimed amount of Rs 9,000 crore that he is accused to stealing.  Mallya played the victim card as he asked, “Where is Justice or fair play?”

The liquor baron is being pursued by Indian authorities over a number of charges and fears imminent extradition from the UK, where he is currently hiding. He owes about Rs. 9000 crores to 17 Indian banks.

Mallya posted a tweet that said, “The DRT Recovery Officer recently attaches my Group assets worth over 13,000 crores in India on behalf of the Consortium of Banks. Yet the narrative is that I ran away with the claimed amount of 9000 crores causing loss to the Public Sector Banks. Where is Justice or fair play ?”

The tweets did not stop here as the fugitive man went on to post, “Every morning I wake up to yet another attachment by the DRT recovery officer. Value already crossed 13,000 crores. Banks claim dues including all interest of 9,000 crores which is subject to review.” He also asked, “How far will this go and well beyond ? Justified ??”

He continued, “Banks have given an open license to their Lawyers in England to pursue multiple frivolous litigations against me.” He questioned, “Who is accountable for spending Public money on Legal fees in such a brazen manner ?”

And finally he concluded by saying, “The Banks Lawyers in England have objected in writing to my paying my legitimate tax dues to HMRC which I requested. Irony is Indian State Banks want my money in England to settle an Indian debt already secured and deny payment to the U.K. tax exchequer. Disgraceful.”

Last year, after the extradition of AgustaWestland middleman Christian Michel, Vijay Mallya requested the banks for the settlement of his dues in online posts.  He contested his extradition and claimed that the case against him is “politically motivated”. And he stated, “I did not borrow a single rupee. The borrower was Kingfisher Airlines. Money was lost due to a genuine and sad business failure. Being held as guarantor is not fraud.”

Mallya resorting to emotional pleas online is not new – he has done it in the past and continues to make such posts today.

Last year in December, Westminster Magistrates’ Court Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot gave a decision to extradite Mallya.  This year, on January 5th, a special court in Mumbai under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) declared him a fugitive economic offender.

Parliament had cleared the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act in 2018 – Mallya was the first person to be awarded the tag since.

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